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Property description

is constructed

Apartments in the hotel-residential complex "ALLIANCE PALACE", located in Batumi on the Sh. Khimshiashvili str., on the first line, in the area of ​​tourism, entertainment and recreation right in front of the Seaside Boulevard and singing fountains in the 80 meters from the beach.

Nearby are a restaurant Tower Pisa, the Greek restaurant "Acropolis".


The residential complex includes all the basic infrastructure: service administrator, concierge service, security installations, maintenance, cleaning service, video surveillance, underground parking, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, spa, fitness center, casino, restaurants, and so forth.

 The maximum area of flats is not limited to the need to unite apartments and get the desired area.

All apartments with sea view!


On the floors "0" and "G" will house commercial premises.

From 1 to 6 floor will be located international lavel hotel Marriott International.

From 8 to 41 floor - residential apartments of hotel type.


The complex will fully comply with international standards and requirements.


Condition at the time of sale: construction and installation work, facades and roof are completed, landscaped adjacent territory, staircase are lined and painted, elevators are installed,balconies are faced, the entrance door to the hotel room is installed, the metal-plastic doors and double-glazed windows, the floor is concrete screed, water and electricity are supplied to the hotel room, individual electric and water meters are installed.


Approximate price per 1 square meter, USD

Available apartments:

Floors 28 - 36, area: 58-114 kv / m, the cost is from $ 1800 to $ 2850


 Terms of payment:

Credit: an initial contribution - 30%, the remaining amount at the rate of 9% per annum for the duration of the loan is not a resident of Georgia - 5 years, for a resident of Georgia - 10 years. The loan with simplified conditions.


The complex will be carried out in the case of the administration of the rental apartments acquired.

House Details
Status of construction
Distance to the sea
190 m
58.0 - 114.0 sq.m.
Quantity of floors
Price for sq.m.:
1 800  - 2 850 USD

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For more information about this property,
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For more information about this property,
please call or email us.

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