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Property description

is constructed

Apartments in the 14-storeyed house under construction in the New Boulevard, 50 meters from the sea.

The complex has: playground, parking, security, reception.

Nearby: New Boulevard, aquapark, Singing Fountains on the lake Ardahan, restaurants georgian and european cuisine.


Apartment area: 30-56 sq.m.


When 100% payment - discount $ 20/sq.m.


Credit throught a TBC bank for 48 months with a initial contribution of a least 40%. Price when buying on credit is the same, the same as for full payment.


Condition at the time of sale: white frame - internal wall, saccording to the project of the buyer, floor with cement covering, balconies finished with ceramic granite, external façade painted, metal-plastic doors and windows along external façade mounted, the central water supply points, ventilation openings, central power supply, internet, telephone, television the flat entrance metal door mounted.


Completion: декабрь 2018.

House Details
Status of construction
Distance to the sea
40 m
32.0 - 56.0 sq.m.
Quantity of floors
Price for sq.m.:
1 000 - 1 500 USD

Interested in this property? Please call +995 514 05 44 00 or email us.

For more information about this property,
please call or email us.

For more information about this property,
please call or email us.

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