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Residential complex "Bat Towers"

Batumi, S.Khimshiashvili str.
from 1 458 GEL / sq.m.
views: total 3734, today 1

Property description

completion date: December 2018

Apartments in Residential house near the sea.


Flats  high quality production with ecological clean materials.


100 meters from the beach and the New Boulevard.


The area of apartments from 27.7 sqm- 70.5 sqm.


Price of apartments:

2-7 floors - $720/sq.m. sea view, $600/sq.m. - mountain view

8-14 floors - $790/sq.m. sea view, $690/sq.m. - mountain view

15-18 floors - $850/sq.m. sea view, $740/sq.m. - mountain view


Commercial area 288 sq.m. and 201 sq.m. Price: $700/sq.m.


The house has an underground parking as well as free parking in the courtyard.


There is percent free installment system for 31 months,  the initial payment of 30%.


The state at the time of sale is a white frame.


  • Well-built territory with open and closed parking place;
  • Open terrace of a certain area for gathering of the dwellers on the first floor of the building;
  • Faced facade;
  • Well-arranged entrance, installed elevators;
  • Metal-plastic window with double glass;
  • Apartment entrance iron door;
  • Balconies faced with mettlach;
  • Ventilation chimney, with built block;
  • Apartment inner walls built by 10 cm light pumice-stone;
  • Floor with cement screed;
  • Internal electrical installation with installed meters;
  • Internal plumbingwith installed meters;
  • Heating piping;
  • Gas two points with installed meters;
  • Internet supplied to the entrance and the cable installed in the apartment;
  • Ceiling faced with gypsum-cardboard sheet;
  • Ceiling and walls with coating;
  • Diesel generator installed in the yard for the provision of the continuous operation of elevators, water pump and entrance illumination in case of light turning off;
  • With the video surveillance installed in the yard perimeter and on the first floor;
  • Iron door installed in the entrance, with one electronic key and the speaker cable supplied to the apartment;
  • Administrator will serve the house after the putting into operation the house.


End of construction: December 2018.




House Details
Status of construction
Under Constructions
Complition date
December 2018
November 2017 - December 2019
Distance to the sea
150 m
27.7 - 70.5 sq.m.
Quantity of floors
Quantity of flats
Price for sq.m.:
1 458  - 2 065 GEL

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