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Property description

completion date: September 2021

Installment for 3 years with no first payment !!!

The complex is located in the developed area of the city, 800 m. from Batumi Boulevard.


Nearby: "Carrefour", Singing fountains on Lake Ardagani, restaurants of Georgian and European cuisine, main tourist places of Batumi, recreational facilities and entertainment.


The complex consists of two 37-storey buildings. Up to the 20th floor apartments are sold in the state of "black frame", after the 20th floor - in the state of "white frame".


The advantages of the complex:

Convenient location;
Panoramic views of the sea and mountains;
Landscaped courtyard and closed territory;
Developed infrastructure;
Fire-fighting system of the international standard;
Covered 4-storey parking for 400 cars;
A swimming pool corresponding to European standards;
Fitness club;
Children's entertainment center;
Cafes and restaurants.


On the first floor of the complex will be located commercial facilities, restaurants, shops.


The state at the time of sale is a "black frame" or "white frame".

The area of ​​apartments: 37.8 - 86.2 sq.m.


Completion of the construction of the complex - September 2021.


Internal interest-free installments on apartments with an area above 50 sqm for 36 months, less than 50 sqm installments for 24 months.


House Details
Status of construction
Under Constructions
Complition date
September 2021
36 months
Distance to the sea
820 m
37.8 - 86.2 sq.m.
Quantity of floors
Price for sq.m.:
500  - 750 USD

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