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Flats by owner!
remains only 2 flats!
item added: 20 May 2015
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Property description

is constructed

Flats in the 18-storey residential complex in one of the resorts of Georgia, located on the Black Sea coast, in Makhinjauri.

The complex consists of 176 residential apartments, from which overlooking the sea.

On the first floor will be located commercial areas.

The yard will be landscaped.


Infrastructure and services of the complex: parking, elevator, internet, telephone, cable TV, playground, park.


Condition at the moment of sale – black frame: metal-plastic windows and balcony door, iron entrance door, electricity, internet, phone line and cable television are sent to the flat, main pipes of sewerage, running water and natural gas are sent to the flat, building facade completed, painted and tiled porch, construction works are completed, elevator is installed, yard is landscaped, balcony is covered.


Price of the flats - $600/sq.m.




House Details
Status of construction
6 months
Distance to the sea
200 m
21.0 - 29.8 sq.m.
Quantity of floors
Building type
Condition at time of sale
black frame
Price for sq.m.:
600 - 600 USD

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