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Property description

is constructed

ORBI City - one of the largest hotel complexes in the world!

The complex is located on the 1st line, in the heart of tourist Batumi. Nearby are furniture stores, pharmacies, bank, Batumi Mall, Justice House and main attractions of the city – singing fountains on Ardagani lake, Boulevard, Alley of Heroes and others, there are also many restaurants and cozy cafes, where you can taste Georgian and European cuisine.

Modern hotel complex ORBI City consists of 3 buildings with a height of 45 floors, where from offers views of the Black sea, mountains and city.

ORBI City has large-scale infrastructure "City in the city", which includes facilities necessary for daily life, recreation and entertainment: shopping center with world-famous brands, congress-hall, restaurants, swimming pools, SPA-centers, children's entertainment areas, cinemas and terraces overlooking the sea.

Complete set of each apartment
The apartment consists of several areas – the main area, kitchen area, bathroom and balcony.

The main area includes a double bed with orthopedic mattress, bed linen, pillows, blankets, bedside tables; wardrobe with mirror and open wardrobe; dining table with 4 chairs; air conditioning, TV, Internet-modem; curtains.

In the kitchen area will be refrigerator, electric stove (or microwave), electric kettle, sink with mixer.

The bathroom includes a shower with a glass partition, water heater, sink with a mixer, bathroom mirror, hairdryer, toilet.

Favorable payment terms!
Loan up to 5 years, only by passport and without proof of income, regardless of citizenship. Credits the largest bank of Georgia "TBC BANK". Making a loan for 1 day.

Completion of the ORBI CITY:
Block "A" - July 2019
Block "C" - December 2019
Block "D" - May 2021

Apartment ORBI CITY property and business income. You can live and relax in your apartment, and the rest of the time the company ORBI GROUP provides their rental with an annual profit for you. And you can control the process online through a special program.

House Details
Status of construction
Distance to the sea
150 m
28.0 - 78.0 sq.m.
Quantity of floors
Price for sq.m.:
1 400 - 3 500 USD

Interested in this property? Please call +995 514 05 44 00 or email us.

For more information about this property,
please call or email us.

For more information about this property,
please call or email us.

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