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Property description

Hotel in the resort area of the Batumi Botanical Garden, 300 m. from the Green Cape beach.

 The house is located in a picturesque place of Batumi - near the Botanical Garden. The uniqueness of the location contributes to a wonderful rest and pastime. The building consists of 14 floors plus a terrace. The facade is tiled with high quality materials - ceramic tiles, resistant to external influences.

The first four floors are occupied by a hotel complex with 24 rooms. The rooms are presented as double, triple and suite. Capacity from two to five people, an extra bed is possible. On the ground floor there is a 24-hour reception and a cozy cafe. The conference room can accommodate a group of at least 12-16 people.

The building is served by two passenger lifts. A stand for natural gas is installed at the entrance, individual wiring is possible to the apartment. There is an outdoor swimming pool on the territory, which can be used by both the owners and guests of the apartments, and those living in the hotel.

The total area is 1617 sq.m. (1-4 floors), effective area is 1523 sq.m.;

24 rooms;

Fitness center, conference room, buffet, restaurant, reception, utility rooms.

Building profile
1617.0 m
под ключ
0 / 14
Building type
Build year
Distance to sea
~350 m
Within doors
• Balcony
• Air conditioning
• Furniture
Price for sq.m.:
560 USD
Price Range
$900 000 USD

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