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Property description

Studio in a multifunctional residential complex Dar Tower, located within walking distance from the sea and the beach.

The apartment offers views of the mountains.


Nearby: the main attractions of the city, singing fountains, the house of Justice, restaurants of European and Georgian cuisine, night clubs, recreational facilities. Hiking and cycling trails can be found nearby.


Service and infrastructure: underground parking, swimming pool, SPA, fitness center, casino, Playground, outdoor terraces, restaurants and cafes, video surveillance.

The complex is guarded round the clock and equipped with all modern security systems.


The purchase of an apartment

perhaps in the state of "black frame", "white frame"or " turnkey".

"black frame": erected exterior walls of the apartment, installed windows and front door, communications (electricity, gas, water) brought to the apartment;

"white frame": communications (electricity, gas, water) held in the apartment, built interior partitions, plastered walls, concrete floor screed;

"turnkey": fully completed renovation, the apartment is equipped with furniture and appliances.


Apartment price:

"black frame" - $26 000

"white frame" - $30 500

"turnkey" - $41 750

(equivalent in gel at the rate of the National Bank of Georgia on the day of payment)


In case of installments, the cost is 2.5-5% higher.


Installment terms:
The installment period is until September 1, 2019.
Initial payment - not less than 30%.


At 100% payment discount is possible.

Construction will be completed in March 2019.

Information about flat
Total Size
35.2 sq.m.
Ceiling height
3.00 m
black frame
21 / 35
Alarm system
Building type
new building
Build year
Distance to sea
~400 m
Price for sq.m.:
740 USD
Price Range
$26 000 USD

Interested in this property? Please call +995 514 05 44 00 or email us.

For more information about this property,
please call or email us.

For more information about this property,
please call or email us.

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