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remains only 4 flats!
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Property description

is constructed

Apartments in a 14-storeyed house in Batumi on H.Abashidze St.


Construction is complete. The house is placed in operation.


There are only 2 flats for sale, on 10th and 13th floor.

The flats are with repair and appliances. 


The price of the flats is - $1000/sq. m


House condition: modern lifts, well-planned entrances - a floor and a ladder are revetted with a granite.

Natural gas is brought, the main strut is brought to apartments, spare 30-ton capacity for water, the hydroequipment for continuous water supply of the house, a well-planned yard with a playground, external walls of the house are covered with a waterproofing course. 


There no the free instelment.



House Details
Status of construction
Distance to the sea
1310 m
84.0 - 87.0 sq.m.
Quantity of floors
Price for sq.m.:
2 502 - 2 502 GEL

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