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Apartment is for rent at this price only in the low season from 1 October to 30 April. During the summer period from 1 May to 30 September the apartment is for daily rent on site:
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Property description

On the street. Pirosmani, close to the sea, rented new bright apartments with all the amenities that meet the traditional requirements of guests who expect to have a comfortable stay. From the 11th floor overlooking the sea and the city. Stylish design, fresh, costly repairs in seasoned pastel colors, tastefully selected interior, full-fledged household and technical equipment, proximity to the sea and the beach are inalienable qualities of this property. The guests have at their disposal two bright double bedrooms, a spacious seating area with sofas.

The presence of numerous amenities in this apartment will allow guests to feel at home:
- here is a fitted kitchen and a separate dining area,
- 2 balconies and a separate bathroom,
- air conditioning and refrigerator,
- cooking stove and microwave,
- TV and wireless internet (Wi-Fi),
- washing machine, bed linen and towels,
- dishes, electric kettle, hairdryer and iron,
- for the winter cold - gas heating, underfloor heating.

Guests of the apartment have an excellent opportunity to enjoy walks along the promenade, taste Georgian and other national cuisines in restaurants located nearby. Visiting the historic part of the city is not difficult due to good transport support of the area. Near the house there are two supermarkets, Yalchin Market and WILLMART, bus stop and taxi rank, within walking distance - the sea and the beach, water park and Primorsky Boulevard with singing fountains, cafes and restaurants.

** With a long-term lease (from 1 month) from September to May inclusive, utility payments (electricity, gas, water, TV, Internet, elevator, cleaning of the territory, etc.) are not included in the rental price and are paid separately.

***In case of a long-term lease, the tenant also leaves a deposit of half the cost of living per month, which is refunded at the end of the lease.
Information about flat
Total Size
70.0 sq.m.
под ключ
11 / 26
Building type
new building
Distance to sea
~330 m
The apartment has
• Balcony
• WiFi
• Televisor
• Cable TV
• Gas
• Gas heating
• Hot water
• Air conditioning
• Refrigerator
• Washing machine
• Furniture
• Dishes
• Children are allowed.
Price Range
1 173 GEL / m

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