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Property description

House for sale with total area - 73.3 sq. m. House is located in Old Batumi, on Z. Gamsakhuria St.

At the time of sale the house has natural gas, Internet, air conditioning, TV, fireplace, washing machine. Iron front door. The balcony is lined. Electric meter installed, gas meter installed, water meter installed.

View from windows of the "Piazza" and the church of St. Nicolas.

Excellent location of the house, in the historic part of the city, a couple of minutes walk to the sea, near to cafes and restaurants, hotels, bank, pharmacy, museum of Mammad Abashidze, Piazza, boulevard, Wonders Park.
House Details
Size of the house
73.30 sq.m.
косметический ремонт
Building type
old building
Distance to sea
~200 m
Within doors
• internet
• Televisor
• Cable TV
• Gas
• Air conditioning
• Washing machine
• Fireplace
• Dishes
Price for sq.m.:
1300 USD
Price Range
$95 290 USD

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