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Property description

Apartment with renovation, fully equipped with all necessary furniture and appliances are multifunctional residential complex ORBI Twin Towers, on Sh. Khimshiashvili St.

Complex ORBI Twin Towers are high towers with developed internal infrastructure which includes shopping center with world-famous brands, reception, restaurants, swimming pools, SPA-centers, children's entertainment areas, cinemas and terraces overlooking the sea.

The excellent location of the complex also attracts a lot of attention, because the sea and the beach are just a couple of minutes walk, along the main attractions of the city and tourist infrastructure. There are many cozy cafes where you can taste Georgian and European cuisine, places of rest and entertainment, Alley of Heroes, House of Justice, dancing fountains on lake Ardagani. Good transportation, nearby many supermarkets, Batumi Mall, furniture stores, etc.

Apartments in ORBI Twin Towers is a good investment, good holiday and a great option for permanent residence.
Information about flat
Total Size
45.0 sq.m.
под ключ
14 / 45
Alarm system
Building type
new building
Build year
Distance to sea
~220 m
The apartment has
• Televisor
• Air conditioning
• Furniture
Price for sq.m.:
2000 USD
Price Range
$90 000 USD

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