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Property description

Apartment in the historic part of the city.

About the apartment.

The apartment is a luxury renovation in retro and classic style, all furniture and interior doors made of natural wood and made to order.-
The bedroom in Stalin style is made of walnut: a transformer sofa-bed and dresser. Bedroom area is 8 sq. m.

The kitchen area is 9 sq. m., on the podium it is separated by balusters. Refrigerator and washing machine built-in. The kitchen is made in a classic style of pine. In the hall chic built-in wardrobe.
Bathroom combined, furniture and shower in retro style, made to order.
The apartment has new plastic windows and mosquito nets - made in Germany. Each room is fitted with expensive classic chandeliers, and in the center of the hall there is an electric fireplace.
The apartment uses high quality materials: spanish tiles, marble and gypsum.

The balcony offers a magnificent view of the "Piazza" and the sea. To the promenade is just a 5-minute walk away.
The apartment has water and electricity meters, natural gas, Internet and cable TV.
All furniture and appliances remain.

Modern infrastructure and prestigious location distinguishes this house from other new buildings.
5-storey residential complex "Corner Yard" company "Mardi Holding" meets all standards of modern construction technologies. The architectural part is as close as possible to the old image of the city.

There are brand shops, supermarkets, bus stops and other tourist and social infrastructure nearby.
Information about flat
Total Size
39.6 sq.m.
Ceiling height
3.00 m
под ключ
4 / 5
Building type
new building
Build year
Distance to sea
~290 m
The apartment has
• Balcony
• internet
• Televisor
• Cable TV
• Gas
• Gas heating
• Air conditioning
• Refrigerator
• Washing machine
• Furniture
• Wardrobe
• Fireplace
Price for sq.m.:
1490 USD
Price Range
$59 000 USD

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