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Property description

Apartment in a multifunctional residential complex business-class "Alley Palace", which is created in accordance with the European trends of modern urban architecture.

The apartment with a beautiful view of the sea and the Alley of heroes, located on the 15th floor. All communications are connected to the apartment: electricity, water, sewerage, gas.

The entrance door to the apartment — metal with wood lamination, with improved sound and thermal insulation performance and quality lock.

The house is located on Pirosmani Street, in the of New Boulevard area, within walking distance of educational institutions, water park, lunapark, shopping center, restaurants, cafes, pharmacies and Ardagani lake with dancing fountains, central stadium of Batumi, which is built according to UEFA standards and is designed for 50 thousand spectators. 

The building has a ventilated facade with sound absorption system, this system contributes to the preservation of heat in the room and prevents the appearance of dampness. The building has a beautiful panoramic glazing, decoration of staircases – granite.

The house consists of 36 floors and includes 589 apartments with a free layout.

The complex has: 6 high-speed silent elevators (4 passenger and 2 freight); swimming pool, SPA and fitness gym; shopping and entertainment center; underground parking for 76 seats. Underground Parking is designed from a monolithic reinforced concrete frame.

Information about flat
Total Size
40.4 sq.m.
black frame
15 / 36
Alarm system
Building type
new building
Build year
Distance to sea
~520 m
Price for sq.m.:
730 USD
Price Range
$29 500 USD

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