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Property description

An apartment by the sea in a new residential complex "Dar Tower", on Pirosmani Street.


The apartment, with panoramic views of the sea and the city, is located on the 10th floor. Condition at the time of sale - black frame: built exterior walls of the apartment, installed windows and front door, communications (electricity, gas, water) brought to the apartment.


The building is located on the third coastline, the sea can be reached in 5 minutes for a walk, close to central stadium of Batumi, which seats up to 50 thousand people, hypermarket "Carrefour" (French retail chain), also nearby school, post office, medical facilities, parking and bus stop offering transport in all parts of the city, along with these socially important objects, district-developed tourist infrastructure, which includes: basic sights of the city, singing fountains, Justice House, restaurant European and Georgian cuisine, night clubs, places of rest and entertainment. There are hiking and cycling paths nearby.


Residential complex "Dar Tower" is two buildings in a modern style with a height of 22 and 35 floors.

Service and infrastructure: underground parking, video surveillance, swimming pool, SPA, fitness center, casino, playground, outdoor terraces, restaurants and cafes.

The complex is guarded 24 hour and equipped with all modern security systems.


The house has a management company, so the apartment in the "Dar Tower" is the right investment, and the developed infrastructure of the complex and the area will make your stay more comfortable.

Information about flat
Total Size
48.0 sq.m.
black frame
11 / 20
Building type
new building
Build year
Distance to sea
~410 m
Price for sq.m.:
760 USD
Price Range
$36 500 USD

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