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Property description

«Horizont Elegant» is located on the first line of New Boulevard. Near the complex there is a bicycle for rent, bus stop, shopping center, boulevard, cafe.

The house was built in 2019. During the construction materials of the highest quality were used, house is lined with block Ytong, elevator KONE. The house is gasified, walls are additionally insulated. Construction of the building monolithic frame, it provides seismic resistance up to 8 points and increases the life of the house.

The apartment is sold in black frame. Area of the flat is 59.5 sq. m. Apartment with wonderful sea view located on the 16th floor of the buildings.

Residential complex "Horizons" has a developed internal infrastructure, which includes: 3 high-speed elevator, reception, restaurant, indoor pool, laundry, fitness club, conference hall, lounge bar, traditional wine cellar, supermarket, security, video surveillance, parking, playground for children.

The combination of all factors, such as favorable location, developed infrastructure of the complex, proximity to the sea, beautiful views, all this makes the offer more attractive for recreation, comfortable living and successful business.

Information about flat
Total Size
58.0 sq.m.
black frame
16 / 32
Building type
new building
Build year
Distance to sea
~130 m
Price for sq.m.:
900 USD
Price Range
$52 000 USD

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