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Property description

is constructed

On the Black sea coast, a few kilometers from the city center built a new project "Tropical Garden". The complex is located in a unique place - Green Cape, which is a climatic resort and has wonderful nature, clear sea, fresh mountain air, very near to the botanical garden and the cleanest mountain river Chakvistskali.

Residential complex "Tropical Garden" consists of 2 blocks with a height of 13 and 20 floors. Building "A " will be ready in the fourth quarter of 2019 and after completion is possible to start repair of apartments. The completion date of the residential complex is fourth quarter of 2021 including both buildings and infrastructure of the complex.

"Tropical Garden" looks very stylish thanks to the panoramic windows and its interesting shape. In the process of construction were used highest quality, and the buildings meet the requirements of seismic resistance.

"Tropical Garden" has a developed internal infrastructure, which provides everything for a comfortable stay and an unforgettable holiday at any time of the year: warm swimming pool, Spa, bar, restaurant, gym, private rental service, on the first floors of both buildings are located reception, there is always ready to help 24/7, and in the basement will be available personal storage, where you can store any of your things.

In "Tropical Garden" presents apartments of various sizes is a studios of 35 sq. m. and large apartments till 100 sq. m. In absolutely all of the apartments have gorgeous sea views and a lot of natural light through the large windows. Possible change layout in apartments for every taste. The apartments are sold in condition "white frame". Repair “turnkey” with furniture and household appliances from $250 per sq. m.

The management company offers services for the management of your apartments:
- payment of utility bills
- renting apartments for daily rent or for a long period
- attracting visitors
- financial responsibility for the safety of your property

In this case, the management company takes a commission of 30%.

Interest-free Installment
The initial payment is 30%.
Installment plan - until the end of construction (31.12.2021)
The schedule of subsequent payments in equal parts is prescribed in the annex to the sales contract.

Condition of apartments at the time of sale - white frame.
"White frame" means a room with interior finishing before the cladding stage.
- Screed, plaster;
- Internal partitions according to the project of the developer or buyer;
- Distribution of pipes for hot and cold water supply, heating;
- Distribution of pipes for gas and sewerage;
- Electrical wiring;
- Vertical communications;
- Entrance iron door;
- Along the outer perimeter - metal-plastic doors and windows with double glazing;
- Meters for electricity, gas and water are installed for each apartment.

The house is gasified.

House Details
Status of construction
Under Construction
Complition date
December 2021
18 months
Distance to the sea
30 m
35.00 - 100.00 sq.m.
Quantity of floors
Building type
Condition at time of sale
white frame
Price for sq.m.:
1 000 - 1 960 USD

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