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Property description

Bright, sunny studio in a residential complex of hotel type Orbi Beach Tower, which is located on the first line in New boulevard. Studio on the 26th floor of new building with a magnificent view of the sea and mountains.

The apartment is fully equipped with good quality appliances and new furniture. Studio has a compact and very functional built-in kitchen with necessary equipment.

This is a great option for renting, for this complex has everything there is a developed internal infrastructure and service: reception, security, video surveillance, SPA, cafe, restaurant, elevator, commercial premises and a furnished terrace.

Also, high demand for apartments contributes location of the house, airport is only 2.6 km away, close to the house there are cafes and restaurants, park, boulevard, bicycle for rent, shopping and entertainment center, aquapark, a little further Ardagani lake with dancing fountains and other attractions of the city. Bus stops near the house. The road to the center of Batumi on average takes 3-5 minutes by transport.

Information about flat
Total Size
32.00 sq.m.
turn key
26 / 43
Alarm system
Building type
new building
Build year
Distance to sea
~100 m
The apartment has
• Balcony
• internet
• Televisor
• Cable TV
• Hot water
• Air conditioning
• Refrigerator
• Washing machine
• Furniture
• Dishes
Price for sq.m.:
1600 USD
Price Range
$51 200 USD

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