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Property description

One bedroom apartment in a modern residential complex, located 3 minutes for a walk to the beach. The complex is located in the center with developed infrastructure, near many supermarkets, cafes, within walking distance of pharmacies, banks, hypermarket. Also nearby there are tourist facilities: park, Alley of Heroes, lake Ardagani, boulevard and etc.

The apartment with mountains view is located on the 18th floor of the complex. Apartment has elite-class renovate with using only high quality materials. Bathroom is equipped with German sanitary “Grohe”. The apartment is made noise- and waterproofing.

The total area of the apartment is 60.9 sq. m. Apartment can be combined with next fully equipped three rooms apartment (133.6 sq. m.).

The complex was built in 2018 in accordance with all requirements and standards that apply to modern buildings. The building consists of 29 floors. The complex has underground parking, elevator, entrance door is equipped with a combination lock.

Information about flat
Total Size
61.0 sq.m.
зеленый каркас
18 / 29
Alarm system
Building type
new building
Distance to sea
~370 m
Price for sq.m.:
1050 USD
Price Range
$63 950 USD

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