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Flats by owner!
remains only 2 flats!
item added: 20 November 2020
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Property description

completion date: May 2022
Elite real estate on the Black Sea coast of Georgia.
Batumi Garden Inn is a new, modern, comfortable complex in Batumi. Elite building located in the solid resort village of Gonio. The subtropical sea climate, beautiful clean beach and picturesque mountains make staying at Batumi Garden Inn an ideal place to live and relax. The view from the house overlooks the mountains and nature. Distance from the sea 430 m.

Infrastructure and service.
The building is being built in accordance with the latest standards and requirements, modern, high quality and environmentally friendly materials are used during the construction.

The complex is supposed to have a developed internal infrastructure, which includes: an open and closed parking, a sauna, a swimming pool, terraces, 24-hour video surveillance, a landscaped and landscaped yard.

Near the house there is all the infrastructure for a good rest and comfortable life - cafes, restaurants of national and European cuisine, bank branches, a supermarket, as well as many hotels.

Terms of payment
Internal interest-free installment plan, 30% down payment, installment period - 12 months.
House Details
Status of construction
Under Construction
Complition date
May 2022
12 months
Distance to the sea
430 m
212.00 - 309.00 sq.m.
Quantity of floors
Building type
Condition at time of sale
black frame
Price for sq.m.:
518 - 661 USD

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