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Property description

In the resort village of Gonio (Akhalsopeli) a 3-storey house with a magnificent sea view is for sale. The location for the construction of the house was chosen very well - all conditions were created for a good rest in the bosom of nature, fresh mountain and sea air is combined here, the village is buried in greenery 8 months a year.

On the outside, the house is designed in a modernist style with a Nordic character and graphic lines, while on the inside it is decorated in an art deco style. The total area of ​​the house is 277.3 m², it is located on a plot of land with an area of ​​501 m² and occupies only 1/5 of its part. On the adjoining territory there is enough space for parking several cars, it is possible to equip the courtyard, make a barbecue area, a playground, a flower garden and more.

A successful layout, which allows rational use of space, will certainly delight the buyer. The rooms and premises are arranged as follows:
- on the 1st floor (87.41 sq.m), a spacious hall and a living room with a fully-fledged zoned kitchen, 1 bathroom without a shower, a technical room and a spacious storage room,
- on the 2nd floor (100.2 sq.m.) there are 2 bedrooms, where you can equip a nursery and a guest bedroom, as well as 2 bathrooms, a spacious living room for leisure and 3 balconies,
- on the 3rd floor (89.66 sq. m),  1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, a small kitchen area (summer kitchen) and a spacious terrace with a glass canopy and stunning panoramic views of the mountains, the sea and the adjacent village.
There are no dark and "deaf" rooms in the house, all rooms with a source of air and light.

An autonomous gas heating system has been installed: sectional radiators (made in Italy), a gas boiler (made in Italy), an additional electric boiler for 100 liters (when disconnected, it serves as a thermos for hot water and its quick supply to the tap). All 4 bathrooms with underfloor heating, built-in plumbing and Vitra wall-hung toilets.

Remains at the time of sale:
- all furniture and some antiques;
- built-in appliances (hob, oven, dishwasher and extractor hood in the kitchen);
- carpets (Afghan, Persian, Georgian);
- paintings (oil, pastel, graphics);
- and the unique 1908 Mühlbach grand piano, ivory keys - ready to play and delight the owners.

Fruit trees are planted on the plot, the status of the land is non-agricultural (purchase by a non-resident is possible).
Nice, sympathetic, friendly neighbors. Quiet and creative place.
House Details
Size of the house
277.30 sq.m.
Size of the plot
501.00 sq.m.
turn key
Building type
new building
Build year
Distance to sea
~1080 m
Within doors
• internet
• Gas
• Gas heating
• Hot water
• Furniture
Price for sq.m.:
420 USD
Price Range
$330 000 USD

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