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Property description

is constructed

Apartments in the housing estate of the hotel Sunset Kvariati type located on the coast of the Black Sea in Kvariati. 

From a complex to the seashore - 50 m. To Batumi - 18 km, 10 minutes of driving on the car.


In the house two entrances, a well-planned lobby, 2 lifts, one of which - with a panoramic view on the sea and the embankment.

In each apartment – a balcony overlooking the sea and mountains.


Condition at the moment of commissioning: 

complete repair, entrance iron door, external doors and windows from soundproofing metalplastic of production of Germany, inside doors – the quality MDF, the established sanitary equipment, winter-summer conditioners, the kitchen quality equipment, glass decorative elements, a ceiling and walls are painted by paints of the European production in neutral tone, the bathroom is trimmed and equipped with high-quality materials and bathroom equipment, ladders and balconies at an entrance, trimmed with a natural granite, glass doors of a building are equipped with fire-prevention system and the alarm system.


Owners of apartments are given opportunity of selection of design, materials and color scale for furnish, dressing and equipment of apartments.


Infrastructure: the closed yard, paved a stone, the sidewalk, external lighting, a playground, protection, administration services at apartment delivery in rent.


Construction is financed by the Israeli investment group.


Commissioning term - the end of June, 2012.


Cost of 1 sq.m: 1550-1800 USD depending on an arrangement (overlooking the sea / overlooking mountains)

$1550 - with view of the mountains

$1650 - with side view of the Batumi and sea

$1800 - with view of the sea


Available apartments in the area of 42-200 sq.m.

Kvartiry Square of 150 sq.m and 200 sq.m - windows overlooking the sea.


Flats Square of 42 sq.m and 85 sq.m - a lateral arrangement concerning the coast. 


42 sq.m - towards Batumi overlooking mountains and the sea. 

85 sq.m - towards Turkish border, overlooking mountains and the sea.

House Details
Status of construction
Distance to the sea
50 m
45.0 - 145.0 sq.m.
Quantity of floors
Price for sq.m.:
15 699 714 - 18 231 926 UZS

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