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Property description

The apartment is located in the residential complex "Green Cape", which is located in the green part of Batumi (Green Cape). The house is located in two minutes from the sea, and to the Botanical garden 500m.

Green Cape is a dynamically developing, ecologically clean area with all the necessary infrastructure.

Residential complex “Green Cape” is a modern apartment building. Consisting of two sections of entrances, different heights, 7 and 10 floors.

The apartment is located on the 5th floor of the building. On the side of the rising sun. With beautiful mountain views.

The apartment is already prepared in the state of "white frame": filled screed floor, plastered under the lighthouse wall, built internal walls, thrown wiring sewer and all wiring.

Infrastructure of the complex:

- there are 4 elevators in the building

- shared parking is available. Also, if you wish, you can buy underground parking spaces.

- on the ground floor of the building there will be supermarket

Green Cape - this is the part of the Batumi real estate market, which perfectly combines natural beauty and silence, together with a dynamic new infrastructure.

And of course, the hallmark of all Batumi - Batumi Botanical garden, which is located just a few minutes from this modern house.

Information about flat
Total Size
62.0 sq.m.
white frame
5 / 10
Building type
new building
Build year
Distance to sea
~240 m
The apartment has
• Balcony
• Gas
Price for sq.m.:
42780 RUB
Price Range
2 652 471 RUB

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