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Property description

completion date: October 2021

"Summer Sky" located in new boulevard area, it’s cute, calm place, which very comfortable for residence. The complex located is only 5 minute walk to the modern shopping center «Metro City», where is different mass-market brands restaurants and supermarket, lot of cafes which cozy placed on promenade, water park where you can spend a good time. Airport located is only 8 minute drive, what is considered a great advantage for the complex and to the city center 3-5 minute by the car.


"Summer Sky" is a project with a unique trade offer that will guarantee income from the purchased real estate.

At the moment, the company is implementing several investment proposals, namely:

1. Guaranteed income in the amount of 12.5% per year, from the total invested amount.

2. Retail with 100% payment.

It is possible to purchase apartments on credit. Initial payment - 15%. The duration of the loan is 3 years.

Interest-free installments are valid until the end of construction. The initial installment of 30%.



"Summer Sky" is a serviced apartment hotel with 15 floors (14 residential and one floor of commercial area) and 596 flats. The complex includes recreational zone, 40 parking places, and it is also adaptive to the people with special needs. Project includes a well-equipped square, a roof cafe, a swimming pool and many other services.

While building the “SKY BATUMI”. Special attention is paid to the sustainability and seismic resistant capacity of the building.


The house has Smart House technology. With Smart House technology, you can Control any equipment, lighting, audio system, shower and garage door by the phone.

The smart house will remember your habits and time schedules, which means that you will fulfill your wishes without additional instructions. In addition, it helps you to reduce taxes.


The Smart House automatically controls the temperature and when you leave the house, it disables all the techniques that use excess energy.

Condition at the time of sale - "turnkey". Fully equipped apartments with eurorepair.


"Summer Sky" is a comfort, safety, excellent location, quality of construction, and developed tourist infrastructure, and the unique offer of the company gives a guarantee and the opportunity to earn income from their property.

House Details
Status of construction
Under Constructions
Complition date
October 2021
32 months
Distance to the sea
420 m
26.7 - 97.0 sq.m.
Quantity of floors
Price for sq.m.:
3 069 - 3 069 GEL

Interested in this property? Please call +995 514 05 44 00 or email us.

For more information about this property,
please call or email us.

For more information about this property,
please call or email us.

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