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Flats by owner!

Property description

completion date: December 2022

"Alliance Privilege" is located on the first line. The complex is surrounded by the sights of the city, dolphinarium, park with a lake. Separates the coastline and the complex-Boulevard.

The complex includes: "Marriott" hotel with 160 rooms and 900 apartments.


The apartments are located from the 13th to the 50th floor. The apartments will be managed by the American management company "McInerny Hospitality", affiliated company "Marriott International". Marriott hotel will also be managed by McInerny Hospitality .


Maintenance includes:

* Admin service

* Concierge service

• Protection of objects

• Maintenance service

* Cleaning service

* Video surveillance


The hotel is located on the first 12 floors.

The hotel infrastructure includes:

* Underground Parking (2)

• Swimming Pool


• Fitness

• Casino

* Restaurants and cafes

• Outdoor terrace

* Children's entertainment center

• Game room

* Conference rooms


Condition at the time of sale: semi – white frame (plastic doors and Windows with double glazing, floor - concrete screed, supplied water and electricity, installed individual electricity and water meters, installed heating and cooling systems) and turnkey.


1.Internal installment terms

The minimum down payment is 30% of the cost.


Initial payment - 30% of the cost, 8,5% per annum, the duration of the loan for a resident of 15 years, not a resident of 7 years.

Loan with simplified terms and conditions, within 1 working day confirming the income.


Completion date: December 2022

House Details
Status of construction
Under Construction
Complition date
December 2022
20 months
Distance to the sea
50 m
27.40 - 48.40 sq.m.
Quantity of floors
Building type
Condition at time of sale
white frame
Price for sq.m.:
2 000 - 3 850 USD

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