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Property description

completion date: December 2022

LA QUINTA BY WYNDHAM - multifunctional complex of hotel type in partnership with one of the largest representatives of the hotel industry in the world, the US company «Wyndham Hotel Group».

La Quinta by Wyndham consisting of 100 hotel rooms and 600 apartments premium-class.

The choice of partner in the Wyndham Hotel Group is not accidental - the company is the largest in its sector in terms of portfolio: under the managment more than 8,000 facilities in 100 countries on six continents, and this number is constantly growing. Due to the significant market coverage, brand awareness, the use of advanced booking systems and the presence of millions of loyal customers, the Wyndham company provide a high level of occupancy and the cost of living. This, in turn, means higher rental income and the best financial result for investors.


Advantages of the project «La Quinta By Wyndham»

1)      Profitable investment thanks to a winning alliance with WYNDHAM HOTEL GROUP

2)      Excellent location - the project is situated on the new Batumi Boulevard, on the first line of the sea 

3)      Quality standards "Wyndham" - during the construction of the project complied with international standards

4)      Apartment management will carry out an international Swiss operator "Sophos Hotels", which is in 20 countries around the world manages such well-known international hotel brands like Wyndham, Marriott, Hilton

5)      This project is funded at 100%

6)      Low prices for early booking

7)      Return on Investment - 6 years

8)      Automatic membership in the Club Wyndham and RCI - on vacation exchange program, you can visit more than 6,000 RCI resorts in 110 countries

Infrastructure and services in multifunctional complex La Quinta By Wyndham

The project will feature everything you need for a comfortable stay - a complex built according to the standards of quality "Wyndham", with the use of environmentally friendly and energy efficient materials, includes a well-developed infrastructure that meets international requirements for a 4 * hotel:

-          indoor and outdoor parking

-          landscaping and invested in infrastructure

-          SPA & sauna, fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools

-          terrace with panoramic views, an outdoor cinema and a cafe-bar

-          security system corresponding to US standards

-          high-quality elevators

-          equipped sandy beach

-          conference-hall

-          concierge service

-          security and video surveillance

-          cleaning services and maintenance


Condition of apartments at the time of project - "white frame".

Development company provides design support and repairs "turnkey" in the purchased apartment, fully furnished and equipment according to Wyndham standards and international requirements for a 4 * hotel - for the price + $500/m2.

Currently available for the purchase of apartments on floors 2-15 with an area from ​​27 sq. m. to 135 sq. m.


Term of payment

Internal free installments from the builder till September 2021. First payment - 30%.


A loan from the bank for non-residents for a period of 5 years from 8% per annum. First payment - 30%. loan processing takes place on the simplified modalities, within 1 working day, without the need for confirmation of income.

House Details
Status of construction
Under Construction
Complition date
December 2022
15 months
Distance to the sea
150 m
27.00 - 75.00 sq.m.
Quantity of floors
Building type
Condition at time of sale
white frame
Price for sq.m.:
500 - 1 240 USD

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For more information about this property,
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For more information about this property,
please call or email us.

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