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Property description

completion date: May 2022
Construction company "Kalatozi" offers apartments near to the sea at low prices, at the same time with beautiful views of the sea, mountains and city.

The house is located in a great location, in the area of New Boulevard, which is characterized by its quiet location and picturesque views. There are many modern buildings, places of recreation and entertainment and necessary for daily life, social infrastructure, due to this area is becoming more perspective. Nearby there are hotels, restaurants, petrol station, bank, grocery stores, pharmacies, public transport. To the sea 10 minutes walk.

Residential complex "Kalatozi" is a reliable, stylish 20-storey building in the form "L", which includes 627 apartments of different sizes from 29.5 sq. m. to 105.2 sq. m. The apartments will have large panoramic windows, spacious loggias and thoughtful layout. The apartments are sold in black and white frame.

The internal infrastructure of the building: shops, fitness center, cafe, pharmacy, bank, also in the new building provides a spacious multi-level parking, where each resident will find a convenient place.

Favorable payment terms.
Valid interest-free installments for 3 years. First payment 18%

Residential complex "Kalatozi" is a universal offer for permanent residence and excellent acquisition for investment.
House Details
Status of construction
Under Constructions
Complition date
May 2022
36 months
Distance to the sea
800 m
22.4 - 105.2 sq.m.
Quantity of floors
Building type
Condition at time of sale
white frame
Price for sq.m.:
580 - 800 USD

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