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Property description

completion date: September 2021
In the shadow of equalitopia groves harmoniously are villas in the cottage village "Villas Eucalyptus". It is a place of inspiration, comfort and privacy among the sunny Adjara’s mountains.

Villas Eucalyptus is located in an ecologically area, in the village Tsinsvla. Batumi can be reached in 10 minutes by transport. Despite the proximity of the city and developed infrastructure, there is peace and quiet.

About the project
The village has a developed infrastructure, close to school, shops, hospitals, pharmacies, places for recreation and entertainment, and on the territory of Villas Eucalyptus has electricity and gas.

Each Villa is adjacent to its own fenced land, where you can place your pool or sauna, garden.Areas are represented by different sizes from 325 sq. m. to 935 sq. m. On the terrace of each villa will accommodate - a rain shower, lounge chairs, bar, hammocks and a barbecue area The area of the house is 274.54 sq m. The House consists of 2 floors and has a terrace where you can enjoy breathtaking scenery and fresh mountain air, and from the house you easily get to the spring, the arbors for rest and the recreation ground. From the windows of the house offer distant view of the sea.

Condition at the time of sale - white frame.

White frame on the project:
1) internal partitions
2) floor screed
3) wall plaster
4) electrical wiring supply
5) distribution of hot and cold water pipes
6) distribution of hot water pipes to the heating system batteries

On the territory of Villas Eucalyptus will be located gardens of citrus trees and subtropical plants, which will be a separate decoration of your house.

Also, the advantage is that modern cottages are well protected, they are protected from outsiders, and the proximity of neighbor’s houses will not allow a stranger to pass unnoticed. In addition, video surveillance systems are available to every resident of the Villa, and cottage villages are equipped with remote security.

Now own country mansion has become a symbol of well-being, good taste and proper investment. Villas Eucalyptus is an ideal option for a comfortable life and rest.
House Details
Status of construction
Under Constructions
Complition date
September 2021
24 months
Distance to the sea
3990 m
274.5 - 274.5 sq.m.
Quantity of floors
Price for sq.m.:
455 - 631 USD

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For more information about this property,
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For more information about this property,
please call or email us.

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