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Property description

completion date: June 2022

On the Black sea coast, among the green mountains built a new project «Mziuri Gardens», the author and investor of which is the British company MRMU.

The complex is located in the greenest part of the city with a unique microclimate, balneological resort. The city center is just 6 km away and Botanical garden is 2 km away.


«Mziuri Gardens» is a multifunctional residential complex consisting of three 14-storeys buildings, one of which is supposed to be a hotel.

Fire safety standards in the complex will fully comply with the legislation of Georgia, which determines the safety standards of buildings. The complex will have a fire control room, all floors will be equipped with smoke detectors, fire ladders, fire brigade and fireproof doors in each block, the arrangement of the walls and floor of the building will be made of refractory materials.


Secure perimeter: the security of the complex will be protected by 24/7 video surveillance and security.

The facade of the building is designed with the use of special heat and hydro-coatings, which on the one hand contribute to energy efficiency, and on the other - protect the facade from water penetration and moisture accumulation. Also in the process of construction will be used a special energy-saving unit, which is also soundproof and thermal insulation.


The complex will have a huge private area of 10 000 sq. m. with various plantations, and in the recreational area there will be pine and endemic plants, some of which have been on the territory of the complex for many years.

Сomplex «Mziuri Gardens» has its own well-equipped beach, where «Beach Club» will be located - built swimming pools in the sea. The bridge to the sea built between «Olandra» and «Mziuri Gardens» passes through the road and the railway, and residents will go down to the beach installed on the bridge by elevator.


Condition of apartments at the time of sale: turnkey


The complex «Mziuri Gardens» developed internal infrastructure

- SPA, fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools

- children's infrastructure: playground, indoor and outdoor children's entertainment center, educational circles - drawing, modeling, swimming and English

- restaurants and cafe bars

- conference-hall

- lobby

- open and closed parking

- car-wash

- dry-cleaning

- 4 fast elevators of the American firm "Otis" in each building

- additional infrastructure: billiards, board games, mini-stadium in the courtyard of the complex, amphitheater, hammocks, benches, etc.

- concierge

- transport: during the season of 5 months (May, June, July, August, September)the regular route Batumi-Makhinjauri, Makhinjauri-Batumi will serve residents by electric bus

Service in the complex

- babysitting service

- animator

- doctor

- beauty shop

- paybox

- supermarket

- gift shop

Installment till 30.06.2022. First initial payment of 30%
House Details
Status of construction
Under Constructions
Complition date
June 2022
21 months
Distance to the sea
70 m
43.6 - 84.8 sq.m.
Quantity of floors
Building type
Condition at time of sale
под ключ
Price for sq.m.:
1 550 - 2 000 USD

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