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Property description

Commercial property for sale in Salibauri, Khelvachauri district. The three-store new building (2019) has a total area 500 sq. m. Condition of the building is "black frame". The building is used as a wine cellar. Also, the building is suitable for the organization of hotel business. The ceiling height on the 1st floor - 3 meters, on the 2nd floor - 4 meters, 3rd floor it is terrace.

Status "non agriculture" makes the plot available for purchase to foreign citizens. The land area is 4 914 sq. m. Plot has all communications and parking.

The object is located in a beautiful green area, from the windows of the building offer view of the city and sea. The distance to the sea is 1.5 km. Road to the city center takes 10-15 minutes by transport. Nearby there are private houses, hotel and market.

Building profile
4914.00 m
black frame
0 / 3
Building type
new building
Build year
Distance to sea
~1580 m
Price for sq.m.:
110 USD
Price Range
$550 000 USD

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