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Property description

completion date: September 2021

There is the new project "Sunway Suites".
Construction of the complex began in September 2019. Apart-hotel consisting of 15 floors, each of which has 9 apartments of different sizes.

The complex is supposed to have a developed internal infrastructure, which includes: swimming pool, SPA, bar, reception, restaurant, commercial premises and its own landscaped beach, which can be accessed directly from the complex via a bridge.

At the time of sale the apartment will be renovated. Ceramic tile flooring and walls in the bathroom, wooden interior doors, air conditioning, balcony decorated with granite, panoramic windows, offering unforgettable views of the sea and mountains, and thanks to which the apartment will be always with natural light and lots of fresh air. Entrance doors - aluminum.

"Sunway Suites" is located in one of the most picturesque places, in the area of the New Boulevard, which combines fresh mountain and sea air. The beach is 50 meters away.

Near the house there is all infrastructure for recreation and comfortable life – cozy cafes and restaurants, park, casinos, shopping and entertainment center "Metro City". To the city center is 10 minutes by transport.

"New Time" has been operating since 2014 and since then has been successfully realized its projects. The main idea of the company is the quality of construction.

Apartments in the residential complex "Sunway Suites" is a great variant for investment. The unique location of the house, the infrastructure of the complex and beautiful scenery attract tourists, so the apartments in the "Sunway Suites" will be in high demand.

Payment Terms
Internal interest-free installment plan, 30% down payment, installment period - 18 months.

Credit by TBC Bank.
The first installment is 40%, the remaining amount is distributed over 48 months. Annual interest up to 9%. The loan is issued in 2 working days.

Discount is possible at 100% payment.

House Details
Status of construction
Under Constructions
Complition date
September 2021
18 months
Distance to the sea
50 m
27.7 - 55.7 sq.m.
Quantity of floors
Building type
Condition at time of sale
Price for sq.m.:
1 045 - 1 960 USD

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