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Property description

Four-storey hotel with a terrace in Makhuntseti.
For lovers of peace and solitude with nature, we offer you to purchase a hotel complex in a quiet and picturesque place in the village. Kveda-Makhuntseti. This area has historical value for the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara and Georgia.

The condition of the hotel at the time of sale.
The hotel is sold in a "black frame", the building area is 2000 sq. m. The status of “non agricultural designation” makes the site available for purchase by foreign citizens. The land area is 1045 sq. m.

The hotel includes 18 rooms with magnificent mountain views and two premises for a restaurant and bar. The ground floor can accommodate up to 150 people and 200 people on the first floor.
Nearby is the Makhuntseti waterfall. The purest stream of mountain water rushes down from high cliffs and another attraction is the arched bridge of Queen Tamara, which is about a thousand years old.
Building profile
1597.00 m
black frame
0 / 4
Building type
new building
Build year
Distance to sea
~22380 m
Price for sq.m.:
340 USD
Price Range
$550 000 USD

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