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Property description

Plot of land on the Black Sea coast.
Plot for sale in a resort area in the village. Kvariati. This area of ​​Batumi has the calmest, cleanest sea and fresh mountain air. Kvariati is considered one of the best seaside resorts in Adjara. Distance from the sea 40 m.

The condition of the site at the time of sale.
The total area of ​​the land is 655.00 sq. m. Nearby are all communications: natural gas, water supply and electrical communications.

Near the land plot is located: hotel "Panorama Kvariati", a cafe, mini-markets, charging for electric vehicles 50 m., Turkish border 3 km, Batumi international airport, as well as all the necessary infrastructure for a good rest and lodging.
Building profile
655.00 sq.m.
Distance to sea
~40 m
On a plot
• Plumbing
• Electrical
Price for sq.m.:
459 USD
Price Range
300 650 USD

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