New Boulevard Residence

ბათუმი, ზღვისპირის ქ.

2 254 GEL / კვ.მ იდან 
შეცვალეთ ვალუტა
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ჩაბარების დრო: March 2024
There is the residential complex for sale that consists of 3 buildings that is located in the area of the New Boulevard.
400 meters from the sea

The construction of the building is made of a monolithic reinforced concrete frame.
The coefficient of the earthquake resistance is 7 points.
The building is being built according to the new fire safety standards; the fire control center 20.2,
Elevators meet the European standards;
The number of floors is 20, with underground and above-ground parking;
There are 13 apartments on each floor.

A diesel generator is installed, in case of a light outage, necessary to provide the smooth operation of elevators, water pump and entrance lighting;

Apartments are for sale in a white frame condition, that includes:

metal-plastic doors and windows with double glazing;
iron entrance door into the apartment;
the balcony is completely lined with ceramic tiles;
the interior walls of the apartment are lined with a light pumice block 10 cm thick;
the walls separating the apartments are lined with a light pumice block 20 cm thick;
the exterior walls of the apartment are lined with a light pumice block 20 cm thick;
cement floor screed is done;
the installed internal wiring of the apartment;
the installed plumbing wiring of pipes in the apartment;
the installed pipelines of the heating system from the heating boiler to the radiator;
the gas carried into the apartment Internet is brought to the floor;
installation of gypsum cardboard ceiling;
plastered ceiling and walls.

The price includes gas, electricity, and water meters.

Utility bills are 40 GEL

Infrastructure: the area of the New Boulevard has everything you need for a comfortable living.
Not to mention the fact that it continues to actively expand and develop accordingly.

The sea, beaches, park and embankment are 400 meters away.

Do you have any other questions? Then please call us!
ინფორმაცია სახლის შესახებ
მშენებლობის სტატუსი
Under Constructions
მშენებლობის დასრულება
March 2024
36 თვე
მანძილი ზღვამდე
430 მ
25.20 - 61.90 კვ.მ
სართულების რაოდენობა
Building type
სიტუაცია გაყიდვის დროს
white frame
Cost for sq.m:
2 254 - 2 917 GEL

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დაგვირეკეთ +995 555 28 92 21 ან მოგვწერეთ.

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გთხოვთ დაგვირეკოთ ან მოგვწერეთ.

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